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Simple, elegant, strong ,exceptional quality frame kits. Did you know that the Aluminium picture frame was invented for the museum of modern art in New York to better conserve the paper artworks, as it can be completely sealed from the atmosphere. Our picture frames and photo frames are all hand cut to your exact requirements, and posted in a kit form.

Whatever your picture, photo, drawing , print or document, framing will best preserve it from overall household deterioration. Your framing needs are our project and we can produce a custom made frame kit, allowing you to frame and hang a single picture or a full exhibition in minutes.

See examples of some of our customers framing projects below


‘I had been happily working through a stock-standard canvas pad measuring 18”x24” (45.7 x 61cm), when I realised there are no stock-standard frames out there that would fit this size. Thank goodness I found Ian — his tailor-made frames are great quality, easy to put together, and represent excellent value for money. Thank you Ian — I can now offer my work for sale, “framed”!’
~ Anita Revel
Artist, Margaret River

You can order complete kits, including frame, mat, perspex, backboard and all hardware, or just the parts you want (such as bars with or without perspex or matboard). Use the Frame-builder below or just email your requirements for a quote. Feel free to play with the frame builder – you can clear the content at any time. You are not charged until you complete the checkout process. If you haven’t used the frame builder before please see the instructions below it. Just use the framebuilder below for a Quick quote or to order. If you haven’t used it before see the instructions below.

Frame builder ‘quote’ and ‘order form’

*Quick start tip – if wanting a mat board make sure the window opening is slightly smaller than your artwork (further help below the form)
*Please note the minimum single frame cost is $12. Very small custom frames (120-150mm) can be made  but please ask for a quote as they are fiddly to make and the framebuilder algorithm doesn’t allow adequately  for small frame fittings and cutting.
*Frame sizes are measured internally. So if you want to order a frame (without a matboard) measure the artwork size. As an example for an artwork 55cm x 40cm  you would order a frame 55cm x 40cm (there will be a couple of mm play built in)

Frame builder instructions

Please read before ordering

1. If you want to order a frame only without a mat board, click the green button ‘mat’ to turn it to red (off). You will now be able to enter measurements. Frames come complete with corner fittings and hangers.

2. To order a frame including a mat board, enter the window size first. Make sure the ‘mat’ button is ‘green’. Remember to allow about 3mm overlap of the window (subtract 6mm from the image width and 6mm from the image height). Many images may not be quite square, and it is important to allow enough overlap. The frame size will auto generate when you add the border width (this is why you can’t manually add a frame size when you want to include a mat).

3. To include perspex and a back board with your order make sure the perspex button is green.

4. When you ‘add to cart’ freight will be added. If you want more than one frame of the same size, you can change the number in the shopping cart.

5. Continue shopping or check-out.

6. If the frame builder does not show up well when you continue shopping for additional frames just refresh (CtrR) the page, as sometimes browser behaviour effects it. Please feel free to Just contact us if you want us to send a quote for multiple frames.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. Regards, Ian

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