Frame styles

We only sell aluminium frames. They are strong, elegant and importantly very easy to put together. Although wooden kits are possible they are difficult to assemble without specialist tools. When you use our framebuilder tool to order,  the default profile you order is a PF7 illustrated below. We usually have all colours in stock. Shiny black is available but you need to request it as it is more expensive.




The PF6 profiles are available, but please check for availability and price. PF6 is heavier and a bit higher. You will notice that it has a  fuller rounded top. We carry black in stock only. and sometimes have other colours. They can be ordered in at anytime, but there may be a surcharge if it does not coincide with a regular stock order (every few weeks).


We do not carry the PF16 mouldings but can get them within a few days for special orders. Please note that PF16 mouldings are much larger so more expensive than both PF6 and PF7 but they do look dramatic. Please just ask for a quote.

If you have any questions at all please just use the form below

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