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Facebook page :-(

Because I spend to much of my life online already I have fought having a Facebook page. And I admit to a bit of bias as well because my wife loves it so much. Look at this, look at this, when all I want to do is read a book. Anyway because my customers keep asking me, ‘do you have a Facebook page’ I now do. What a process it was too. It seems I already had one so I spent half the morning working out how to delete it. No wonder there are billions of users. It is probably the same people hundreds of times.

The web address is and it was (eventually) a lot easier too setup than I remember the last one being. I will try to post from time to time, and I wont be too grumpy about it.

New website

I have been meaning to build a new website for a while, so here it is. It is a very stressful process. Not happy with the banner, not happy with the layout, generally not happy. I do build better picture frames than websites though and I think it is working OK now. My first webpage was ozrural built in the 1990s and I haven’t really ever changed it much. Perhaps I am just slow to change! Anyway, the main reason for changing is this one should be easier to update regularly so I can try to display what stock we have better.

Most of my time is spent in the workshop so I have neglected the webpage. I probably still will (neglect it) but please do ask questions any time or make suggestions of how I can improve things.

Cheers, Ian